The difference between Mobile Data and Fixed LTE solutions.

The difference between Mobile Data and Fixed LTE solutions.

It is exactly as the name describes it. Apart from the obvious which is, Mobile Data costs significantly more than Fixed LTE, the difference we all need to understand is that Mobile Data(LTE) goes where you go, it is “Mobile Data” whereas Fixed LTE can also be used in the location to which it is registered. This means, if you purchase a fixed LTE product to enable you to work from home, the internet connection will only work at your home. Once you move it to another location, it will stop working and in some cases, the service provider may even suspend the service.


As we enter the new normal of working from home, having a stable internet connection has become a necessity. Fixed LTE or Mobile data has become the “go-to” solution in areas where Fibre, Wireless, satellite or, ADSL(which is currently being phased out) connections are not available. 


How do you choose between Mobile data or Fixed LTE? Well first things first, There are numerous providers with whom you can sign up for a service. To choose a provider or service you need to understand a few things about your business or yourself.

  • How much am I currently spending on Data to execute my daily tasks?
  • Do I want to sign a contract or do I prefer a month to month based service?
  • Do I use the internet wherever I go? Mainly at home? Or both
  • What do I use it for?
  • Do I have an idea of how much I currently use per month?

Once you have identified the basics of the type of connection you require the next step is to research providers and check for coverage. Now be careful here, you need to be sure as to whether you require a Mobile Data Solution or a Fixed LTE solution. The reason this is important is that both solutions have different coverage maps, a coverage map will highlight whether the chosen solution can be provided in your area or not, you need to ensure that you have coverage of the chosen solution in your area. Some providers will do checks and inform you that unfortunately, you cannot sign up as your area is not covered by the service, others may take a shortcut and sign you up anyway leaving you paying for a service that does not work. Getting out of these contracts can be extremely difficult as some providers will use the excuse “you did not do your due diligence” 


What do I recommend?

Again, Work from home(WFH) or Working remotely has become the new normal and will be the future despite everything that is going on in the world right now. If you can work from a fixed place like home then I recommend Fixed LTE service, however, if you are someone that is always on the go then I recommend Mobile Data Service, provided that Fibre or Wireless is not available. Do not forget to ask yourself the required questions and check for coverage to help you choose the correct package with the correct solution so that you do not under or over-commit on your investment for you or your Business.