7 Benefits of moving your business email to the cloud today!


1. Access your Emails from anywhere in the world at any time

You access your personal Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail account from anywhere at any time. So why should your work Email be any different? Hosting Email on Microsoft or Google allows everyone in your organisation to access emails from anywhere using any device. All you need is a stable working internet connection. 

2. Lower costs

On-site(on-premise) email servers require a lot of maintenance. It can get even more costly when hardware fails. Spending thousands of rands on power solutions is a thing of the past. With the cloud, you eliminate high setup costs and monthly maintenance costs. You also eliminate hardware failure and are protected against power surges and theft!

3. Increase team productivity and profitability

Businesses need and want easy and efficient ways for individuals and teams to communicate and stay on top of things. Cloud-based Email is accessible 24/7 guaranteeing flexibility and productivity for your team. Platforms such as Microsoft and Google also offer tools to chat, video call, host meetings, voice call, work on documents together online, and so much more. The cloud also provides a large storage capacity. You will never have to delete data ever again. 

4. Secure

The cloud is self-maintained. Cloud email providers ensure that the latest security updates are installed, keeping your business information safe and protected against threats. Data is also stored in multiple sites and is encrypted. So if ever your data falls into the wrong hands, it will be almost impossible to read.

5. Cloud data recovery

If at any point something goes wrong, you have the comfort of knowing that your data is always backed up and will be recovered. Cloud email providers, such as Google and Microsoft, have built-in redundancy. What this means is that you never have to worry in disaster situations. Emails, contacts, documents, and other related data can always be recovered. Losing your laptop or phone does not mean you lose all your data anymore.

6. Flexible and scalable

Adding licenses for new users or increasing storage takes seconds. You can also add or remove users and resources at the click of a button, literally.

7. Service like no other

Moving to the cloud today means that your business can flow more smoothly, reduce costs and leave you almost worry-free. The cloud is reliable and is accessible 24/7 with 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

There is also real accountability from cloud email providers. For example, MS365 and Google meet global security standards and regulations. So you can rest assured that you are compliant when it comes to data protection and storage.